Pork Baked in Vermouth


Cooking time: About 20 minutes
Prep time: 70 minutes

Makes: 2 servings





  1. Fry pork in hot olive oil 5 minutes. Turn pork, add mushrooms, and fry 5 minutes more.

  2. Put pork in casserole dish and arrange mushrooms around sides.

  3. Salt and pepper pork. Coat with catsup and place sage leaves on top.

  4. Top each piece with an onion slice, tomato slice, and cut olive.

  5. Sprinkle pork and mushrooms with mustard and paprika.

  6. Pour Worcestershire sauce and vermouth into dish around pork and mushrooms.

  7. Bake tightly covered 1 hour at 350 deg. F.


Modification of recipe by Mrs. Tom Daley in "The Gasparilla Cookbook", Tampa Junior League, 1961


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