Dried Apples


Drying time: 36 - 48 hours
Prep time: About 1 hour

Makes: 2 quarts





  1. Mash vitamin C tablet and dissolve in water.

  2. Wash apples, quarter them, and cut out seeds. I don't peel them.

  3. Cut apples into uniform 1/4 - 3/8 inch slices. Drop into water.

  4. Grab a handful of slices from the water, arrange in single layer on drying racks.

  5. Put racks in 85-90 deg. F oven.

  6. Should be ready in 36-48 hours. When done, the slices are still flexible but not moist.

  7. Cool and store in plastic bags. Will keep for at least 6-9 months.


The ascorbic acid in the vitamin C tablet keeps the apple slices from turning brown.

For drying racks I use 11 x 15 inch expanded aluminum racks.
These are sold in hardware stores to be used to grill vegetables and fish.


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