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2019 Map of China


Crowds at entrance of Forbidden City, Beijing (Video 1)

Guardian lion outside Hall of Supreme Harmony, Forbidden City, Beijing (Video 2)

Ceiling in Gate of Supreme Harmony, Forbidden City, Beijing

Roof Guardian with lightning protection, Forbidden City, Beijing

Old Chinese arbor vitae trees (platycladus orientalis) in Imperial Garden, Forbidden City, Beijing

Games and exercises in park near Forbidden City, Beijing (Video 3 )

Mao’s picture on gate at Tiananmen Square, Beijing (Video 4)

China National Museum, Tiananmen Square, Beijing

Temple of Heaven, Beijing (Video 5)

Pedicab ride though Hutong (Neighborhood), Beijing (Video 6)

Bronze statues at Summer Palace, Beijing

Reflecting pond in Summer Palace, Beijing (Painting 1)

Beijing Opera performer applying makeup, Beijing

Southeast Corner Watchtower, Beijing

Climbing the Great Wall in the clouds at Mutianyu, north of Beijing

Roadscholar group picture at Mutianyu

Supper with chicken feet, Beijing

Musicians at recital in Luoyang (Video 9)

Ananda at far left next to Vairocana Buddha (56 feet high), Fengxian Si, Longmen Grottoes, Luoyang (Video 8)

View of flowers across river from Fengxian Si, Longmen Grottoes, Luoyang (Video 7)

Primary school students at Hua Yuan Cun, village near Luoyang

Bullet Train from Luoyang to Xian

One-child family poster in Folk Art Museum, Xian

Calligraphy lesson in Folk Art Museum, Xian

Gateway to Great Mosque, Xian

Garden at Great Mosque, Xian

Courtyard of Great Mosque, Xian (Video 13)

Woman from the Hui ethnic group making rice ball treats in Muslim Quarter of Xian

Jackfruit vendor, Muslim Area, Xian

Lunch at International Studies University (ISU), Xian

Statues of Tang dynasty ladies, Shaanxi History Museum, Xian

Roses at Small Wild Goose Pagoda, Xian

East Gate of City Wall, Xian

City moat at dusk, Xian (Video 15)

Bell Tower at Night at City Center, Xian

Terra Cotta Warriors in Pit No. 1, Xian

Terra cotta army in Pit No. 1, Xian Video 10)

Terra cotta warriors being repaired in Pit No. 1, Xian (Video 11)

Terra cotta horses being repaired in Pit No. 1, Xian

Terra cotta horses in Pit No. 2, Xian

Half-scale bronze horses and chariot, Xian

Head and bridle of terra cotta horse, Xian

Chinese farmer who discovered terra cotta army in 1974, signing his books, Xian

Finishing clay models of terra cotta warriors in workshop, Xian (Video 12)

Different sizes of terra cotta warriors for sale, Xian

The only homeless man I saw in Xian

Bell Tower with traffic, Xian (Video 14)

Pile of rental bikes, Xian

Lhasa River (Kyichu), the longest tributary of Yarlung Tsangbo River (which becomes the Brahmaputra River)

Oxygen dispenser in my room in Himalaya Hotel at 11,990 ft. elevation, Lhasa

Entrance to Norbulingka, the Dalai Lama’s Summer Palace, Lhasa

Norbulingka, the Dalai Lama’s Summer Palace, Lhasa

A bethrothed couple at Norbulingka, Lhasa

Lupine at Dadan Minjur (New Palace, 1956), Lhasa

Hotel room view of mountains south of Lhasa

Yak buster, Lhasa

Pilgrims in Bokhor Bazaar circling Jokhang Temple, Lhasa (Video 16)

Courtyard in Jokhang Temple, Lhasa (Video 19)

Waiting room in Tibetan Medicine Hospital, Lhasa

Vice president (our lecturer) of Tibetan Medicine Hospital, Lhasa

Chorten and prayer wheels at nunnery west of Lhasa (Video 18)

A wild yak (Bos mutus) at nunnery west of Lhasa

Home visit for tasting yak butter tea, west of Lhasa

Our hostess at home visit for tasting yak butter tea, Tibet

Tasting yak butter tea during home visit west of Lhasa

Dried yak dung and tractor at home visit west of Lhasa

Water heated over yak-dung fire at home visit, west of Lhasa

Dzo, a domesticated yak/cow hybrid (Bos grunniens) west of Lhasa

Prayer flags at stream by outdoor lunch, west of Lhasa

Entrance to Sera Monastery, Lhasa

Debating monks at Sera Monastery, Lhasa (Video 17)

Prayer wheels and chorten at Sera Monastery, Lhasa

Dsahboard incense and solar-powered prayer wheel, Lhasa

Yak meat in Muslim butchershop, Lhasa

Potala Palace, Winter Palace of the Dalai Lama, Lhasa (Video 20) (Painting 2)

Upper courtyard, Potala Palace, Lhasa (Video 21)

Wall of prayer wheels below Potala Palace, Lhasa

Passing under EGongYan Bridge over Yangtze River, Chongqing

Twin giant pandas (Ailuropoda melanoleuca) in zoo chomping bamboo, Chongqing

Liang Liang, a giant panda (Ailuropoda melanoleuca) in zoo chomping bamboo, Chongqing (Video 22)

Hot pot dinner in Chongqing

Boarding our Yangtze riverboat, Victoria Katarina, in Chongqing

Nighttime harbor lights from our boat in Chongqing (Video 23)

Load of chicken feet on a carrying pole coming aboard riverboat in Chongqing

Mr. Mao’s bedroom in Fengdu

80-year old displaced Mr. Mao, in his new home in Fengdu

Mr. Mao’s home and fish pond in Fengdu

Basket of baby ducklings at market in Mingshanzhen, near Fengdu

Huge block of tofu in market in Mingshanzhen, near Fengdu

Vendor using carrying pole to bring loquats to market in Mingshanzhen, near Fengdu

Artist painting insides of snuff bottle on Yangtze River cruise

Learning how to play mah jong on Yangtze River cruise

At low water level, it’s many steps down to local boats docked near Fengjie

Approaching Gorge No. 2 and bridge at Wushan (Video 24)

Boarding boats for tour of Shennong Xi Minigorge (gorge no. 3) near Wushan

Cruising up Shennong Xi Minigorge near Wushan (Video 25)

Local boatsmen (members of Tujia ethnic group) in Shennong Xi Minigorge near Wushan (Video 26)

Sunset on the Yangtze River east of Wushan (Painting 3)

One of five locks (each lifting 73 feet per step), Three Gorges Dam, Yiching

Scale-model of Three Gorges Dam and locks at Yiching (Video 27)

Overview of Three Gorges Dam, and ship elevator (370 ft lift for up to 3000 tons), Yiching (Video 28)

Upstream side of Three Gorges Dam, Yiching

Rice paddies seen from Bullet Train to Shanghai

Bullet Train in Xiantao Station , Hubei Province, traveling to Shanghai

Unusual new buildings in Nanjing

Taiwanese fishing boats in Shanghai Museum

Tang Dynasty ceramic camel and driver in Shanghai Museum

Buddhist stone carving from Qi Dynasty in Shanghai Museum

Lunchtime in Xintiandi Plaza, Shanghai

An ad for pet strollers in Xintiandi Plaza, Shanghai

Union Building at No. 3 on the Bund (now a shopping center), Shanghai

View from the Bund of the Oriental Pearl Tower, (left, 1995) and Shanghai Tower (right, 2015, with 127 stories), Huangpu River, Shanghai (Video 29)

Night harbor cruise along the Bund on Huangpu River, Shanghai (Video 30)

Azaleas near Huxinting Teahouse in Yu Gardens, Shanghai

Moon gate and hydrangea in Yu Gardens, Shanghai (Painting 4)

Colorful ethnic dancers in Yu Gardens Bazaar, Shanghai (Video 31)

Fresh-water clam with pearls from Yangtze River delta near Shanghai

Temporary housing for construction workers, Shanghai

Elevated walkway above streets but under expressway, Shanghai (Video 33)

Jing An Temple in Shanghai (Video 32)

Silver Buddha (15 tons of silver, 29 feet high) in Jing An Temple, Shanghai

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