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Ivory saddle in palace, Khiva, Uzbekistan

Intricate designs on palace doorway, Khiva, Uzbekistan

Royal Audience Hall in Palace, Khiva, Uzbekistan

Throne in Kuhna Ark (Palace), Khiva, Uzbekistan

West Gate, Khiva, Uzbekistan

Women making carpets in Khiva, Uzbekistan

Juma Minaret, Khiva, Uzbekistan

Blue dome of Mausoleum of Makhmud Pakhlavan, Khiva, Uzbekistan

Tomb of Mohammed Rahim Khan at the Pahlavan Mahmoud Mausoleum, Khiva, Uzbekistan

Palace Rception Hall, Khiva, Uzbekistan

Royal bedroom, Khiva, Uzbekistan

A local home’s dining platform, Khiva, Uzbekistan

Repairing adobe walls, Khiva, Uzbekistan

Crews planting flowers to celebrate visit of Turkmenistan’s president, Khiva, Uzbekistan

Madrassa Mohammed Rajim Khan, Khiva, Uzbekistan

Korean vendor selling salads and kim chee in bazaar, Dashoguz, Turkmenistan

Library in Dashoguz, Turkmenistan

Draft beer dispenser in local restaurant, Ashkabat, Turkmenistan

Carrara marble-clad modern buildings (and white Toyota), Ashkabat, Turkmenistan

Entering Parthian fortress of Nisa (3rd cent. BC) near Ashkabat, Turkmenistan

Kopet Dag Mountains (in Iran) from Parthian fortress of Nisa (3rd cent. BC) near Ashkabat, Turkmenistan

Red poppies (Papaver rhoeas) at Parthian fortress of Nisa (3rd cent. BC) near Ashkabat, Turkmenistan

Turkmenbashi Ruhy Mosque, Ashkabat, Turkmenistan

Local guide in Carpet Museum, Ashkabat, Turkmenistan

Monument of Neutrality, Ashkabat, Turkmenistan

Statue of President Nirazov (Turkmenbashi), Ashkabat, Turkmenistan

Massey-Fergeson tractor and sheep at horse stable outside Ashkabat, Turkmenistan

An Akhal Teke horse at breeding farm near Ashkabat, Turkmenistan

Mr. Owlyaaguly at his Akhal Teke horse breeding operation (with 14 natioinal champions) outside Ashkabat, Turkmenistan