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Photographs from an Alaskan Cruise and Train Tour in June 2012

Holland America Tour Map

Vancouver Harbor from Lonsdale Quay, N. Vancouver

Tug Boats, Lonsdale Quay, N. Vancouver

Produce Market, Lonsdale Quay, N. Vancouver

Flower Market, Lonsdale Quay, N. Vancouver

Red Snapper, Lonsdale Market, N. Vancouver

Leaving from Canada Place, Vancouver

Lion's Gate Bridge, Vancouver

Welcome to Ketchikan

Totem Heritage Center, Ketchikan

Creek Street and Dolly's House (at right), Ketichkan

Family on Creek Street, Ketchikan

Great Alaskan Lumberjack Show, Ketchikan

Approaching Juneau

Banners and Clouds, Juneau

St. Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church (1894), Juneau

Batchelor Buttons (Centaurea montana), Juneau

Iceland Poppies (Papaver nudicaule), Juneau

Governor's Mansion, Juneau

Mendenhall Glacier and River, Juneau

Mendenhall Glacier and Lake, Juneau

Visitors near Mendenhall Glacier, Juneau

Mendenhall Glacier and Nugget Falls, Juneau

People viewing Nugget Falls, Juneau

Bunchberry (Cornus canadensis), Juneau

Sunset at 11:10 pm leaving Juneau

Cruise ships and Ferry, Skagway harbor

Swimming pool on Lido deck, MS Statendam docked in Skagway

Red Onion Saloon (and former brothel), Skagway

Inside Red Onion Saloon, Skagway

Ice Blower for White Pass Railroad, Skagway

Horse Cart on Broadway, Skagway

Waiting for lunch at Skagway Brewery

Sampler Selection, Skagway Brewery

Outdoor dining, Skagway Brewery

Frank Reid's tomb, killed in 1898 shootout with Soapy Smith, Skagway

Lower Reid Falls above Gold Rush cemetery, Skagway

White Pass Railroad Train leaving Skagway

MS Statendam docked in Skagway

Watermelon pie dessert for 4-course dinner, MS Statendam

Russell Island (where John Muir camped in 1879) in Glacier Bay

Reid Glacier?, Glacier Bay

MArgerie Glacier and ice bergs in Glacier Bay

Margerie Glacier from deck of Statendam, Glacier Bay

Margerie Glacier and Mt. Quincy Adams (on Canadian border), Glacier Bay

Margerie Glacier calving into Tarr Inlet, Glacier Bay

Grand Pacific Glacier, at the end of Tarr Inlet, Glacier Bay

A hanging glacier, Glacier Bay

Serving beer on Lido Deck, MS Statendam, in Glacier Bay

Happy travelers, Lido deck, MS Statendam, Glacier Bay

Observation deck, MS Statendam, leaving Glacier Bay

Dress-up Dinner, Rotterdam Restaurant, MS Statendam

Stateroom 516, MS Statendam

Apricot glazed salmon with baby veggies, cooking demo on MS Statendam

Adagio Strings (Ukranian quartet), Explorers' Lounge

Early breakfast while docking in Seward

Trail Glacier from train to Anchorage

View from train of Turnagain Arm (with 30 foot tides)

Highway 1 along Turnagain Arm near Anchorage

Exotic meat vendor, Anchorage Market

Begonias and violas along 4th Avenue, Anchorage

Monument to sled dogs at starting line for Iditarod Race, Anchorage

Begonia, violas, snap dragons and cabbage near Egan Visitors' Center, Anchorage

Pelargoniums, violas and snap dragons outside Anchorage Museum

Athabaskan (Gwich'in) Moccasins with fine bead work, Anchorage Museum

Tsimshian mask, Anchorage Museum

Haida wool hunting bag, Anchorage Museum

Cloudy day on the Knik River, from McKinley Express train north of Anchorage

Wasilla, Alaska ("Duct tape capital of the world")

McKinley Express north of Wasilla

Crossing Hurricane Gulch Bridge (296 feet above creek)

Denali Station

Dwarf fireweed (Epilobium angustifolium) near McKinley Chalet

Blue-eyed Grass? near McKinley Chalet

Poppy? near McKinley Chalet

Blue Bells of Scotland (campanula rotundifolia) near McKinley Chalet

Tundra rose or bush cinquefoil (potentilla fruitocosa and now called dasiphora fruitocosa) near McKinley Chalet

Indian sweet potato or sweet broom (hedysarum alpinum) near McKinley Chalet

Prickly wild rose (rosa acicularis ssp. sayi) near McKinley Chalet

Labrador tea (ledum groenlandicum) near McKinley Chalet

White bog orchid (platanthera dilatata) near McKinley Chalet

Narrowleaf arnica (arnica angustifolia Vahl) near McKinley Chalet

wild sweet pea (hedysarum mackenzii) near McKinley Chalet

Teklanika River (a braided river) 29 miles inside Denali N.P.

Alpine Forget-me-not (Eritrichium aretioides) in Denali N.P.

Narcissum anemone (anemone narcissiflora) in Denali N.P.

Dall Sheep, grizzly bear, moose and caribou from bus in Denali N. P.

Moose antlers at Toklat Visitors' Center in Denali N.P.

Diorama in visitor's center, Denali N.P.

lingonberry or lowbush cranberry (vaccinium vitis-idaea) near Denali N.P. visitors' center

Lobby of McKinley Chalet and model of Mt. McKinley

Approaching Room 224 in McKinley Chalet

Wild iris (iris setosa) at McKinley Chalet

Rafting on the Nenana River just below McKinley Chalet

Nenana River upstream of McKinley Chalet

Sled dog in Denali N.P. kennel (Alaskan husky, bred for long legs, stamina, and bushy tails)

Sled dogs resting after a demo run over gravel. Denali N.P.

Paintbrush (castilleja pallida) in Denali N.P.

Fireweed (epilobium angustifolium) near McKinley Chalet

McKinley Express in Healey Canyon along Nenana River north of McKinley Chalet

1905 steam-powered Advance tractor at Fountainhead Antique Car Museum, Fairbanks

Checking out some great old cars in car museum, Fairbanks

1910 Stanley Steamer in car nuseum, Fairbanks

1927 Stutz Bearcat in car museum, Fairbanks

Taking a spin in auto museum in Fairbanks

Under 4-foot diameter Alyeska oil pipeline (showing ammonia-filled heat pipes to cool pipeline supports), Fairbanks

Family reunion under Alyeska pipeline, Fairbanks

Gold panning demo at Gold Dredge #8, Fairbanks

Waste dump chute on Dredge #8, Fairbanks

Bucket scoops on Dredge #8, Fairbanks

Learning how to pan for gold. Fairbanks

Found a few gold flakes with help from tour commentator, "Yukon". Fairbanks

Lance Mackey, Iditarod race winner showing off some puppies. Fairbanks

Riverboat Discovery III on the Chena River, Fairbanks

Float plane taking off on Chena River, Fairbanks

Dog sled demo pulling ATV at Susan Butcher's Trail Breaker Kennel along Chena River. Fairbanks

Confluence of Chena River (rt.) and Tanana River (full of glacial silt). Fairbanks

Reindeer in Chena Indian village (Athabaskan). Fairbanks

Wolf, wolverine, lynx and 4 fox pelts at storehouse in Chena Indian Village, Fairbanks

Displaying "Sunshine" parka in Chena Indian Village, Fairbanks
(Someone's YouTube recording of this scene)

Fish wheel (operated by the flowing water) and drying salmon at Chena Indian Village, Fairbanks

Cabin along Chena river with boat and floatplane. Fairbanks

Yukon River near Ft. Yukon from 8-passenger plane.

Fish wheels in Yukon River at Ft. Yukon (Some can catch 400 salmon per day)

Visiting with Iris and Neal Foster (Alskan state representative) by Ft. Yukon tour bus.

Warbelow Air Tour's Piper Navajo Chieftain 8-passenger plane at Ft. Yukon airstrip.

GPS reading from iPad at Ft. Yukon airstrit, 8 miles north of Arctic Circle

Certificate for crossing Arctic Circle (where we felt a large speed bump)

Our pilot approaching Fairbanks airport. One in 60 Alaskan residents have pilot's licenses.

Midnight outside our room in Wedgewood Resort, Fairbanks

Gazebo and flowers in Wedgewood Resort, Fairbanks

Begonias outside hotel in Wedgewood Resort, Fairbanks